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About Us

Here at Austral Boarding kennels, we deliver a personal experience to your pets. We have dedicated, qualified animal lovers to look after your pets.

We cater for all sizes, breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish and reptiles. If your pet isn’t in the list, please contact our office.

We have a safe, secure facility to tailor to all types of pets needs. There is a beautiful large exercise yard for all the dogs to enjoy. We also haveair-conditioned rooms, sprinkler system for the kennels.

Dog Boarding Sydney

Our Services

Dog and cat boarding


Austral Boarding provide dog and cat accommodation to all breeds and are flexible to your pets needs.All our pets have beds and bedding off the floor and have their own individual kennel, pairs are able to share. Meals are prepared daily.

Small Pet Boarding


We offer small pet boarding, for Guinea Pigs, fish, Chickens, birds and reptiles. You will need to supply your small pets a cage and food for the duration of their stay. We also keep them all indoors for extra safety.

Pet Taxi


Austral Boarding Kennels provide a Pet taxi service conveniently to pick up your pet and drop them home after Boarding. The pets are transported in air-con/heating in a secure grate.

Day care


Here at Austral Boarding, we provide a day care service, so your pets never have to be alone. Day care includes walks, food, play time and a bath. We allow the dogs to play with suitable friendly pets that love interaction.



Training is so important for your pets. Austral boarding providesbasic obedience, puppy school along with guard and protection training.

Micro chipping


Micro-chipping is safe and harmless to your cat or dog, it helps aid in identification when your pet is lost.
We use mini-chips for the comfort of your pet in a sterile environment.

Grooming also available.

We provide salon service, providing haircuts, nail cuts. We also do bathing and brushing

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